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Evapers (VG)

Evapers has both an online shop and a brick-and-mortar location.

They feature Evapers Tobacco, Evapers Flavors, Dekang Tobacco and a variety of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products, plus a full line of vaping products and accessories. The PG is a 70/30 blend and VG is 100% VG. Only Dekang Tobacco is not available in VG.

As you have read in other Vegetable Glycerine review pages, I do not have high expectations for VG based eLiquids. VG eLiquids are typically moderate in taste and low in throat hit. 

First, my congratulations to Evapers for getting the variables right in their VG mixes. This is an outstanding solution for those of us allergic to PG or with Diabetes and/or Pancreatitis. VG is not an irritant and will not contribute to our pain or twinges. Evapers has my attention and is on my list of go-to juices. 

Let's discuss a few points before I get to the actual flavors:

  1. Evapers claim they are providing 100% VG ... I will agree that it is high VG content, but I need to point out that they are using PG based flavorings. It is generally accepted that any PG in the flavorings means that the entire flavorings as a percentage affect the overall ratio. I would suspect, based on this, that the ratio is between 12/88 and 25/75.
  2. Evapers does not dilute their product, what you get is the pure mix undiluted. This is by far the lowest viscosity (thickest) VG eLiquid I have ever used, tested or reviewed. I was unable to get it flowing out of the bottle – I had to remove the bottle dropper and pour straight from the bottle. I ended up diluting by a little bit less than 7% to get any reasonable flow from the Vapers eLiquid. I suspect if left undiluted, this would burn out most coils.
  3. I was pleased to see that the Evapers eLiquids are shipped in LDPE plastic bottles. It would be preferable to have their eLiquid in glass bottles or in PET (or PETe) plastic, but LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is better than HDPE.
  4. The Evapers eLiquid bottles have usage warnings in both English and French. There are no ingredients listed (VG is hand-written on the label, nothing else listed). There is no toxicity or poison alerts/warnings.
  5. The website list only two bases available without displaying the ratio. Those are PG which I am told is a 70/30 blend and VG which I am told is a 0/100 ratio.
  6. The website lists four available strengths: Zero mg, 7 mg, 14 mg and 28 mg. 
  7. Plan and time your orders carefully. This is shipped through Canada Post and the postal processing out of Peterborough is not the greatest. The Evapers vapemail arrived on the fifth day after ordering. I could tell from the paper work that Evapers processed it on the same day I ordered, all the rest of the time was taken up by Canada Post.

I ordered a total of seven different flavors from I must say that the Evapers VG eLiquid has far surpassed my expectations and they are equivalent (or exceed) in flavor and throat hit to PG  based eLiquids. This is very unusual, VG is not supposed to be this good.

  • Bubble Gum is one of the first "candy" category eLiquids I have ever tasted. I was tempted by one of the reviewers comments saying this was a smooth vape and not overwhelming. The Evapers Bubble Gum eLiquid brings back memories of the old style bubble gum machine. Put your coin in and get a variety of color small round gums. Chew them all at once, and the flavor is exactly what Evapers Bubble Gum delivers – with a difference: with the "real" bubble gum, the flavors dwindles quickly. The Evapers Bubble Gum delivers the same great flavor from the very first vape and continues with the same great flavor puff after puff. Two more surprises: great throat hit and incredible after-taste. Absolute a thrill!
  •  Raspberries are one of those summer treats that are hard to find really fresh in pint sized containers. That makes it really difficult to compare to the Evapers Raspberry eLiquid. Fortunately, I travel north in summer time and stop at roadside stands to buy fresh fruit. This is in the famous "Muskoka" area on the longest highway in the world: Highway 11 in Ontario Canada. The Evapers Raspberry eLiquid is a perfect match. Rich taste and sweet like real raspberries at the peak of the season. Throat hit was great and the after-taste lasts a long long time. A note on the after-taste: it is so good and lasts so long, you might end up using less eLiquid that with other flavors. 
  • Blackberry is another summer-time treat that has a short window of availability. Finding such a great tasting example in Evapers Blackberry is a treat in itself. Superb throat hit and after-taste. I spent a long time with the Evapers Blackberry, it was soooooo gooooooood! Just like the real fruit version, I tend to view Blackberry as an after meal treat, sort of like a dessert. I had already spent two days vaping Evapers Blackberry when I was reminded this after a nice fish dinner. I am unable to have any of the desserts offered by the restaurant (too much sugar for me with diabetes) ... but the Evapers Blackberry fixed that, satisfied my sweet tooth, and was a real treat! ... oh, and the after-taste just hangs. I really like this.
  • Cotton Candy is the second of the "candy" category that I have tested, the first is above (Bubble Gum). I can definitely say that I am not a big fan of these types of candy eLiquid flavors – but I can also say that the Evapers Cotton Candy was exceptional. It did remind me of the blue/pink treats you get at a carnival, tasted nearly the same. 
  • Watermelon is a very difficult flavor to render. Get it right and you have a superb taste sensation, get it wrong and you have, essentially, a candy representation of what watermelon should be. Evapers gets it right. It tastes just like a mid-summer watermelon at the peak of the season. So right, you almost feel like spitting out the watermelon seeds. About the only difference is the warmth from the vaping experience. Well done,
  • Apple ... the online shop has a picture of a red/green apple with the description of this Apple eLiquid. The description on the site is perfect: a light and fruit all day vape eLiquid. I found it sweet, fresh, and really tasty. An excellent apple rendering. Like all the other VG eLiquids, this has excellent throat-hit and great after-taste.
  • Tropical Punch ... take every possible tropical flavor you can think of: mango, papaya, banana, kiwi, orange, dragonfruit, pineapple, melons, lemon/lime ... and you have Tropical Punch with not one single overpowering flavor. Well steeped with a perfect blend and a perfect flavor. Ah, this puts me back in Panama sitting at a thatched roof kiosk, all that's missing is a bit of ice and some rum or vodka (ah, I can see a few people adding that too). Excellent throat hit and wonderful after-taste. Warning: you'll want to have a chaise-lounge ready for this one. 
  • Peach is one of those flavors that I really look forward to. It is another summer taste that I find myself looking forward to every spring. There's no waiting now, Peach eLiquid is a faithful duplicate of a nice ripe peach. Only two things missing: the stem and the fuzzy skin. Close your eyes when you vape Peach and you'll find yourself wanting to wipe the corners of your mouth. 

I honestly have no idea how can achieve such high quality flavors in a VG eLiquid, but keep doing whatever you do, This is premium juice with a premium taste. VG is not a compromise, it's a go-to juice that you will find yourself re-ordering all the time.

Evapers Tobacco is $14.99 with no nicotine, $21.98 with nicotine. Flavors at zero mg is $12.99 and with nicotine brings the price up to $18.98. Dekang Tobacco is $19.99 with 18mg nicotine (Dekang Tobacco is not available in VG).

The verdict, is it worth it? Without doubt, without ANY doubt, it's worth it. Before testing Evapers eLiquid, I had one go-to juice: Dragonfruit (a VG mix described on another review page). A "go-to" juice means that when I am entirely on my own and do as I please, I am vaping on my go-to juice that I know and trust will give me satisfaction in flavor, throat hit and after-taste. Since testing and reviewing Evapers eLiquid, I have added two more flavors to my go-to list: both from Evapers. 

Evapers is one of the few companies that offers brick-and-mortar locations at 1434 Chemong Road Unit 8 in Peterborough Ontario (K9J 6X2) as well as an online shop at Evapers ships Xpress Post through Canada Post and they claim a 1-3 day delivery cycle. I highly recommend Evapers.

Disclaimer: taste is subjective and everyone has a different pallet. Your tastes might be different than mine, and mine different than yours. Please keep that in mind as you read the reviews posted. You should also note that we do not lab test vapor liquids and cannot verify whether or not they contain diacetyl, acetoin, acetyl propionyl or any other compound. You will have to check with the vendor.